Meet Kristen Blush

Thank you so much for your interest in me and my book, The Revolution Is Female! I am a Kristen Blush, a New York City freelance photographer with a vision for an inclusive, feminist America.

While collectively I have 20 years of photojournalism and commercial photography experience, I was new to New York political photography in 2016. I’m glad I jumped into this adventure feet (and heart!) first, because I love this kind of work. I love using my talent to empower and uplift Hillary Clinton supporters, and our continued feminist movement.

All of my professional work is shot on my Canon Mark III DSLR, but I especially enjoy using my iPhone and Canon M6 for day to day use, and have used these camera’s on official business, as well. When I’m not photographing revolutionary feminists, I enjoy doing head shots and lifestyle photography, as well as creating brand and business building content, such as product and event photography. Please email me with any inquiries:

I moved to New York City from Seattle, WA, in 2010. My client roster includes BUST Magazine, Emerge New York, AEG Entertainment, GoDaddy, & Getty Images. I earned a degree in commercial photography at the Art Institute of Seattle.

Author photo by Sung Park.