Love This!

My book, The Revolution Is Female began as a 16-piece art opening in Brooklyn, New York, as part of a Ditmas Art showcase in December of 2017. In January, Secretary Clinton had taken notice of my show, and reached out about where she could see my work. Later, when I decided to take my show to the next level and publish the expanded collection in a 128 page hardcover book, her interest continued:

Love This

A couple people have asked me if I knew Secretary Clinton was going to tweet about my book that day, and the answer is no. Her tweet was an amazing surprise that delights me every day. When I woke to my phone buzzing without a break, I thought to myself, “has something magical happened?” I thought maybe an influencer had picked up my campaign. Well, I was right. I had a tweet on my home-screen from a friend that read, “She tweeted you!”



I am deeply grateful to Secretary Clinton for sharing this project with her millions of Twitter followers. Because the fundraising goal was met on February 11, a month ahead of the end date of my campaign, I was able to make early additions to book, as well as turn a planned fundraising event into an art opening and celebration at Atelier Roquette, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. An event space and catering company owned by Monica Byrne and Leisah Swenson, two amazing women who appear in the book.

Atelier Roquette in Red Hook, Brooklyn hosted The Revolution Is Female art show and celebration on March 1, 2018.

When I helped with still photography at Rebecca Brubaker’s exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton for her documentary film, To All The Little Girls, I was able to briefly thank Secretary Clinton for her support. The Secretary took a moment to thank me for making my book, and said she was so happy to help.

You may pre-order your copy here.


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