Shapco, Inc

I had the opportunity to visit Shapco, Inc, in Minneapolis, MN, where The Revolution Is Female was printed and bound. It was important for me to make final checkpoints at the press during the final stretch. I made color corrections and chose the finish for the cover. My team at Shapco was full of energy, positivity, and expertise. Without a doubt they have made The Revolution Is Female the best she possibly can be! Right down to her soft-matte finished cover.

Meet my team:

Minnesota is said to be the happiest state in a recent study. My team at Shapco is a perfect example of this–look at these guys! Thank you, Jeff, Don, and Gary! Minneapolis, MN 2018

It was exciting to witness the pressing process of the book. Shapco used an 8 color press-feeder to press approximately 900 versions of each sheet, using plates.

Here is the blue ink and a blue book plate, and below is the completed sheet:



It was sad to say goodbye to my team at Shapco, who proceeded with the folding, trimming, sewing, and binding of the book. I’m so glad I was able to help with the final checkpoints of The Revolution Is Female, and will forever remember to excitement I felt during the final processes.

Sheets 3, 4 and 5 of The Revolution Is Female. Shapco, Inc, 2018