The Revolution Is HERE!

The Revolution Is Female books have traveled by way of Minneapolis, MN, to Chicago, IL, where they stayed the night and woke up bright and early, and traveled to Norwalk, OH, made a pit stop in Newark, NJ (shout out to U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Bon Jovi!), and landed safely in Manhattan, New York, where they are being prepared for their big debut on Wednesday, August 15! WHEW! What a journey! It is great to be with the books again, and I can’t wait to get these out in the mail to all of you.

NYC: If you are joining us on Weds, August 15 in Manhattan, please RSVP HERE! At the event you will pick up your book, and other Kickstarter rewards, as well as meet me and I will sign your books–I’m thrilled!

You may pre-order your copy HERE! Pre-orders will go out on August 20!

Additional information for Kickstarter backers may be found HERE.

Thank you!

Kristen Blush

Made in the U.S.A. at Shapco, Inc, Minneapolis, MN

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